From the creator of the world's most popular smart bike lock, we bring you the first true smart chain lock.

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Keep your active lifestyle safe

Your LASSO Lock can be used on bikes, gates, kayaks, garages and so much more.

Why is LINKA LASSO so smart?

Download the free LINKA app to get access to all your smart chain lock goodies.

  • Wireless Connectivty

    You can unlock LASSO using the LINKA app on your smartphone.

  • Certified Safe

    LINKA locks are ART EU certified and can be used outdoors in rain or snow.

  • Lasts for Months

    Your LASSO is easily charged with the included magnetic charger and will last charged for several months at a time.

  • Share Access

    You can share access to your LASSO with friends and family in the LINKA app.

  • Lasso - Series 8

    This Lasso comes with a 8mm chain, ideal for bicycles and medium duty locks.

  • Lasso - Series 10

    This Lasso comes with a 10 mm thick chain. Ideal for motorcycles and heavy duty lock applications.

  • Lasso - Smart Key

    You can use your LINKA smart key to automatically unlock your LASSO whenever you are less than 3 feet from it. No need to reach for your phone or even have one with you!

How does it work?

Unlock your LASSO with just a single button

Your LASSO can be locked and unlocked in less than 2 seconds and you always have access to it, even if you do not have your phone with you.